Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Farewell MIA

The entire month of October was a mismatch of joy and heartbreak.  My son came home from Afghanistan.  Got to meet his new baby girl Mackayla for the first time.  He was reunited with him wife and children and  all seemed to be right with the world.   I was very relieved and great joy washed over me to know my baby had made it home again safe from the war again.  Then by that same weekend my  heart broke in two.  I was reading facebook and one of the post read, please pray for my granddaughter  and her friends who were hit by a car last night and is fighting for their lives. I stopped cold and read it again because someone is always asking for prayers.   I work with Mia’s grandmother Cecie and used to work with her grandfather Howard.  They are wonderful people and did not deserve this horrendous suffering  that was thrown upon them.    Mia  and her friends were in the crosswalk coming home from the park with her big sister. It was horrible accident and the woman driving was very careless.  Once she hit the girls she did not stop for 50 yards ( that is half a football field) .  These little five and six year old girls did not deserve this.  Mia suffered many injuries and her little body could not sustain and hang onto life any longer and she went to be with the lord on October 24, 2011.    Even though Mia was not my flesh and blood it did not stop me from loving her and caring about her like she was one of my own.   Last week we laid little Mia fragile body to rest.  I know in my heart she is sitting next to God helping him teach all the new angels flying lesson cause that’s just the way she was.  Sassy, bossy and full of life, nit meet anyone who was not her friend.   God Bless you little Mia I feel safe knowing you are watching over us all.  You will always be beautiful and young and full of spirit.   You will always live in our hearts.  
Dedicated to Amelia Paige Decker  November 30, 2004 – October  24, 2011.