Monday, August 29, 2011


As I sat here trying to figure out what I wanted to write on my blog, I suddenly started to laugh.  I thought about laughter being the best medicine.   A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.  Something like that anyway… or is that an apple a day? I started to think about things that kids say.
The week before my birthday, I was feeling sad as my oldest son and his family had left to move back to Kenosha, WI and my youngest son is over in Afghanistan, and his family is in Kansas.  I was feeling kind of lonely and sad, starting to realize I am not getting any younger.  My husband and I and our dear friends Lee and Carlanda went to a comedy show at the Golden Nugget, in downtown Las Vegas.  We saw Gordie Brown and   I laughed for almost an hour and half.   That is just what I needed.  I felt much better, and as I said before, laughter IS the best medicine.
My 24 year old  son Erik, who is an Army soldier,  is having a discussion with his new bride and tells her that he gets the side of the bed away from the closet.  Jen looks at him with a question mark and Erik states, "I don’t want the closet monster to get me".  Jen just laughs and says well after he gets me,  your're next. 
My nephew Jack is quite the character.  He loved teddy bears.  When he was about four years old my sister Joie and Jack were at Build a Bear  looking at Halloween costumes for his bears.  Jack looks at her after picking out several costumes for his bears and is ready to go pay.  Of course if you have ever been to Build a Bear, each costume costs about  10.00 each.  Joie said let’s go home and see what bears you are going to take trick or treating and  Jack gets this serious look on his face and says  “ Are you going to tell the others they can’t go.”  
I still think my favorite Jack story is the one about the time they were at church.  The minister's entire sermon was on walking Jesus' way or Satan’s way.  At the end of the service the minister says which way will you be following this week, Jesus or Satan?   Jack looks at his mother and says "I am going to follow Satan’s way, what about you mom"?  After the minister finally got the laughter settled down, he said maybe we should start this sermon over.   Of course my sister wanted to crawl under the seat.
I hope I did the Jack stories justice.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Everything we think and feel is creating our future. ''To gain happiness, you must learn to enjoy that which you have. It is not how much you have. It is what we think about that which we have that produces happiness. In building a happy, contented life, you must give happiness to others.
I took this from my friend Honey’s Facebook post.  I find her quotes and affirmations very comforting. 

It made me stop and think about my life and what I have and what I give away.  I am not talking about giving away material  things.   I am referring to giving of myself to others.  I try to be helpful to others and to do the right thing.   I have a few friends and allot of acquaintances.  I hold my friends true to my heart as they are far and few between.   I learned al long time ago you have to be a friend to have a friend.   What is a good friend you ask?  My definition of being a friend is being there to listen when they need an ear, to hold their hand when they are fearful, to cry with them when they are sad.  But most of all to laugh even when it’s not funny because sometimes you just have to have a laugh to make it all go away.    

I have different categories of friends, I have work friends who make my days fly by as we do our work and  laugh and joke to make the week and the stress go by .  I have wonderful facebook friends whom I have never met but feel a connection with.    They always give me a lift and a laugh.  I have childhood friends who I keep in touch with but hardly ever see , because we are spread all over the place.  I have deep down soul friends who I know I can tell anything and everything and it will never be told to another living sole.  I love these friends like they are family, maybe more that family.    I think the friends in my life know who you are  without  being  named one by one.  I love and care about all of you. 

Thanks for letting me ramble on...... Until next time. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As I was driving to work this morning, down the highways of  bended fenders and broken tail lights, changing lanes; I started to wonder what others in their cars  around me are thinking.  Were they just spaced out as I was just trying to get to work on time and safely or were they chatting on their cell phones?   As I was driving and observing my surroundings,   I realized my exit is almost upon me.  I start to change lanes and the car  behind  me speeds up.  Once I get in front of  him, I still need to go over one more lane, he pull right out and cuts me off , so I can’t get in the lane I need to get to the off ramp.   So I decided to give  him the middle finger salute and then I stopped myself,  Thinking why not just let it go and not start my day off  aggravated  and upset.  I think if more of us would stop and say to ourselves how important will this be a year from now.  We might let the little things in life go.   I am sure on August 23, 2012, I will not remember that man in the white car.    
So I think my affirmation will be live and let live and be kind to others.  Although, sometimes, that can be hard to do, as I work in the complaint department at a very large timeshare company.  We get all the complaints, that go to our upper management some that are really legitimate and others not so much, like the time we got a letter stating he was upset that there was not enough chocolate icing on his ├ęclair. 
All I can say is that each and every one of us is unique in our own way and that’s okay. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lend me your ear

If I were to write a blog what would I say…..
That is the question that comes to my mind.  My friend  Carlanda  is always encouraging me to step up and speak my mind.  I always tell her what do I have to say that anybody wants to hear.   Sure I am just like everybody else I have my opinions.   But they are just that, my opinions, everybody has one or two or a million.   I like to talk just as much as the next guy.  But having something worthwhile to say , for others to want to lean an ear and listen or even repeat it.    Nah  I got nothing to say….  Or do I stay tuned for the next edition….