Friday, September 30, 2011

Smiling and Life is Good

My mood has changed and I am so excited.  I received  three orders  for a total of 6  of my  greeting cards.  I have just recently started to make cards and this is the first time selling them.  I brought them to work yesterday to get  opinions and when I came to work today I was asked if I would make 3 birthday cards and 2 thank you cards and sympathy card.     However I am not sure what I should charge for these cards.   I ended up charging between 3.00 and 5.00 depending on the embellishment  I put into each card.   I would like to do some for the upcoming craft show .  But still not sure about the pricing.  Don’t want to out price myself out of the game.    I am smiling again ….

Monday, September 26, 2011

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I am feeling so blue today.  I am not really sure why, I can feel the sadness creeping in my soul.   I have to work today so I will not be able to create.  Most of the time that takes the blues away and makes me feel much better.  I think it’s because I feel like I have accomplished something when I am finished.   Maybe it because it brings the joy out instead of the darkness lingering inside of me.   Have you ever heard that saying Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is how I feel when I try to deal with my father.  I always want to say ,  you would give the shirt off your back for a stranger but wouldn’t  do anything  to help your own family.  I just don’t understand it.    But every time I think I will get a different reaction and I just keep disappointing myself.   After 56 years you would think I would learn.  But instead I set myself up for the rejection.  Now I have to wonder if there is something wrong with me or is the other person????  I’d be happy to hear any thoughts or comments on this subject.    

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Bubble Has Been Burst

My bubble has been burst.  I was so happy to find places to swap.  I have encountered some very rude and unfriendly people on Split Coast Stampers website.    I have tried to join a few groups and get no reply.  I have also joined one and then found out I was not eligible to join a swap because I was a “newbie”.  However, the hostess of the swap has been very gracious and helpful in trying to help me find my way on this site.    I have found a few other sites that seem to be friendlier but they still have strict rules about being rated before you can swap.  If you are not allowed to swap, then how, on earth can you can get rated.   I was under the impression that everyone had to be new at one point or another.  No, I will not die if I cannot do a swap.  I thought it would be really fun to create and get something traded and compare the different techniques of how things are done.  But most of all I was looking forward to sharing and bonding with other crafters and artist.   I think that is all I have to say on this subject, except I am sad, but I will get over it as this too shall pass.  Thanks for listening to me and hope to see you again soon…..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Inspiration Has Returned

It happened on Saturday at 12:05 am my inspiration returned home safely after being gone for 9 days.  I have never been happier to see anyone except Erik when he came home from Iraq the last time.  I am very glad to say I have found my inspiration.  Created several things yesterday and feel very grateful and relieved that my inspiration has returned to me.   I was lost in the water last week.   I can now attempt to continue working on my upcoming Doodlebug craft fair I am doing with my friend. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flower Power

I am now a Swapper

I am so excited I have joined a group called, Swap-Bot,   where I can do some projects and get into swapping some art with others.   I have signed up for two swaps so far one is a Halloween ATC and a TP (toilet paper) tube fall project.  I can hardly wait to get started.   I can feel the creative juices flowing.   This has been quite the week.  My inspiration (my hubby Rob) will be home tomorrow night and I can hardly wait, he has been gone 8 days.  After thirty eight years you would think I wouldn’t be this excited.  But I really have missed him and can’t wait for him to get home to me.  Plus I know the dogs have missed him too, as he is the treat giver and I have been a little lax on those this week.  Thanks for sharing in my excitement and I will be post pictures of what I have sent for my swaps as I get them done.  I will be talking to you again soon….

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Could Rob be the inspiration I am missing?

My husband Rob is driving our daughter in law and two grandchildren to New York from Kansas this week to get the house ready for when my son Erik comes home from Afghanistan. I don’t mind being alone.  I had loads of plans I was going to create, create but I am blank.  Nothing is coming to my heart to create.  As I am new at this art thing, I would think I would have millions of ideas floating in my mind.  But nothing… Where do you go for inspiration?  Pray I thought I would ask God to help me with finding my inspiration.  But still nothing, but today is not over and I still have time.  Hopefully I will find my way ………  But I think my inspiration will be back on Friday my love of 38 years. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Am I an Artist or a Wanna be??

I know that some people say to be an artist you must have sold some of your work.  I am not sure if I could call myself an artist.  I tinker with mixed media projects, and make beautiful lighted wine bottles.  All these creations come from my heart and soul.   When I do a project I feel it, it seems to come from deep within me.  I can visualize the colors and the theme.  I read once, I think it was Rice Freeman –Zachary who said  “ that you need to just express yourself and not over think your project”.  I have tried to follow that advice and it seems to work most of the time for me.  When I first started to create I would keep adding and making changes and when I was finished I never really liked it anymore. Now I seem to see it, do it and leave it alone.   I look at the very first art journal I did and see the simplicity of each page.  Now I look at the most recent art journal I finished and I see the beauty I have been able to find in the colors and textures I use.  It makes me feel good about myself and I hope that other who see it and get that same over all good feeling too.  Thanks for stopping by….