Friday, September 30, 2011

Smiling and Life is Good

My mood has changed and I am so excited.  I received  three orders  for a total of 6  of my  greeting cards.  I have just recently started to make cards and this is the first time selling them.  I brought them to work yesterday to get  opinions and when I came to work today I was asked if I would make 3 birthday cards and 2 thank you cards and sympathy card.     However I am not sure what I should charge for these cards.   I ended up charging between 3.00 and 5.00 depending on the embellishment  I put into each card.   I would like to do some for the upcoming craft show .  But still not sure about the pricing.  Don’t want to out price myself out of the game.    I am smiling again ….


patricias fabric art said...

thats brilliant-is'nt it great when you sell something

Donna Heber said...


Congrats on selling your new creations and for your blog. I followed you here from SCS.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are smiling again! Was just nudged over here from " In cahoots" I will go and look up your theme. I cant believe how many dogs you have....mine just lies on the floor while I paint and stares at me until I take him out! Julie

Pam said...

Awesome! Way to go! Congrats on your sales.
(PamV from swap-bot/share your blog#2)

Lucine said...

It is a true compliment if co-workers want to buy your cards! It truly is. I wish I had such co-workers around me, hahaha. There is some information on the web. Try to google some words. You won't find the answer, but you'll find what to think of and how, what to calculate.
Wishing you lots of success,
Lucine from swap-bot for the Check out my blog #2 swap.