Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Month and a New Attitude

Hi - It’s a new month and I am hoping this one will be happy, busy and creative.  I am looking forward to my son coming home from Afghanistan sometime this month.  I won’t get to see him until Christmas time but at least he will be back on American soil.    I have been doing really pretty well with my swaps.   I have completed 4 and had all ratings of fives and hearts (which is the top rating) on all of them.    I am very excited about that.   I am looking forward to a round robin mixed media book that I have gotten involved with.  I have picked a vintage theme for my book.   My first page has to be sent out by October 12, 2011 and that is pretty exciting.  I hope I can be as equally inspirational and creative as my fellow participants.  I am also getting ready for a craft fair I am doing with a friend, I am very excited about that and hopefully it will go well.   My other friend is going to come over on Friday and we are going to have a craft day so that should be fun.  I am in need of some laughter   in my life.  I think life is way to short not to have fun and be kind and loving to each other.  So on that note - Love you all thanks for stopping by and please follow my blog if you don’t already.

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